Latrun Monastery


Find All Holy Land Churches at Latrun Monastery. Latrun Monastery is visited not only for peace and solace but also for the olive oil and wine made by the monks. When you get into the monastery you will discover a different kind of serenity. And the very intriguing olive oil and wine that are specially made by the monks can only be bought here, this is why it really gets a lot of tourist coming in. The Latrun Monastery was founded in 1980 by the French Trappist monks where they started cultivating the land but there was a war that occurred which lead them to leaving the place only to return in 1926 and started building the sandstone monastery complex that is what we are looking today.

The Latrun Monastery includes a hilltop with a park with scale models of the historic buildings in Israel. It also stands as the way station for the pilgrims from Jaffa to Jerusalem. It is a large, historic and wonderful church that vowed to refrain idle talk and hold silence all the time with the exception during prayers.

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